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Netflix is coming to Valais!

Winter Palace – The new Netflix series filmed in Valais.

Winter Palace is the name of the series to be filmed in the canton of Valais in early 2024. A unique opportunity to position the Valais as an international filming location. After several scouting shoots, the Simplon hospice, the Binn Valley and Château Mercier in Sierre were chosen as film sets.

This co-production between Netflix, RTS and Point Prod is a first, and will result in eight 45-minute episodes by the end of 2024.

Winter Palace – Synopsis.

In 1899, winters were harsh and life in the mountains is challenging due to the extreme climatic conditions. However, at the end of the summer of that same year, hotelier André Morel takes the risk of opening a five-star palace for the entire winter season, marking the beginnings of luxury tourism in the Alps. A story that promises to be rich in twists and turns and sure to captivate its audience.

Written by Lindsay Shapero, the series is directed by Pierre Monnard and developed by RTS, Point Prod and Oble Studios.

Winter Palace Netflix Valais
© Image : RTS

The Valais Film Commission (VFC) gets involved.

The VFC has been delighted to support this Netflix project since the initial scouting in the Valais, in particular through the search for sets, the facilitation service with local authorities and private individuals, and targeted communication.
“This series will bring the Valais and its landscapes to an international audience,” says Patric Zenklusen, film commissioner at the VFC.

Lex Netflix.

As a reminder, in May 2022 Switzerland accepted lex Netflix, a law requiring streaming platforms to invest at least 4% of their domestic revenues in Swiss film production.

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