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The Valais Film Commission is an organisation affiliated with the departments of the Canton of Valais responsible for culture and the economy. The VFC is composed of a strategic Commission and an operational Bureau.

Missions of the Valais Film Commission:

  • Welcome, assist and support the production of audiovisual projects in the canton with a balanced approach towards the Commission’s cultural and economic interests.
  • Collaborate to promote the canton’s image through the production and creation of films.
  • Develop the direct and indirect benefits connected to the film industry in Valais.
  • Encourage the development of a local audiovisual industry and participate in expanding the pool of industry professionals.

The team

Tristan Albrecht

Film Commissioner
+41 77 447 07 20

Baptiste Dupasquier

Communication & Marketing
+41 27 327 36 56

Laude-Camille Chanton

Press manager
+41 27 327 36 12

Directory of services and providers