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Why film in Valais

Filming in Valais

The Valais offers an impressive diversity of landscapes and infrastructures. From mountain peaks over 4,000 meters high, to the plains and their Mediterranean temperatures. From old log cabins to luxurious hotels, from the coldness of glaciers to the warmth of fruit trees. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in the Valais. Filming in Valais offers a unique experience, stability and comfort that will make you want to return.

Valais facts

Weather: 300 days of sunshine a year on average

Population: >350,000 (2023 figures)

Surface area: 5,224 km2

Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)
Value- Added tax: 8.1% (VAT)

Languages: French and German

10 reasons to film in the Valais

1. Diversity of locations
2. Political and geopolitical stability
3. Facilitation services (permit application, scouting, manpower search, etc.)
4. 300 days of sunshine a year
5. An economic incentive (Cash Rebate)
6. Competent and qualified local workforce
7. Support from A to Z from the Valais Film Commission
8. Quality of life outside shooting
9. Quick and easy access (2h30 from Milan and Zurich and 2h from Geneva)
10. The Valais. A land for films.