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The Valais Film Commission supports Claude Barras’ next film.

Six months after its launch at the Locarno Film Festival, the Valais Film Commission (VFC) enters the big league by supporting the next animated film, Sauvages, by Claude Barras. The Valais director has chosen to set his puppets in the city of Octodur for the next eight months.

The Valais. Land of filming… but not only.

The Valais is above all known for its magnificent natural settings and outdoor decors but the demand is not limited to that. Proof of this are the successive shootings of the Tschugger seasons and the animated film “Sauvages” indoors, but also the creation of a wasteland (Studio 13) which will offer from January 2024 the possibility of shooting in a studio. “The VFC also aims to highlight the canton’s capacity to host large-scale film shoots and to offer, in addition to the already well-known and recognized natural settings, a range of varied filming locations in keeping with the reality of the canton. A multiplication of the offer and the diversity of the sets also make it possible to counteract the received idea that Switzerland is expensive and therefore less attractive than other countries. Although production costs in Switzerland are higher, the canton’s hospitality and the simplicity of the collaboration methods favored by the VFC considerably reduce the impression that it is expensive,” emphasizes Tristan Albrecht, in charge of the Valais Film Commission.

Martigny becomes Sauvages.

Claude Barras has settled in Martigny in January for his next film “Sauvages”. This choice of destination is exceptional for an animated feature film. The shooting will take place until September and will involve no less than forty people. Despite the organizational difficulties and the additional costs involved, Claude Barras has made it a point of honor to bring this international film shoot to the region. This project allows the canton and the VFC to open a door on the animation format, to sensitize the industry and young people to this particular type of creation while maximizing the economic impact on the Valais territory via the direct expenses that the film will generate. In fact, thanks to this visit, no less than 45 people will live in Valais for eight months, which represents between one and two million dollars in local spending. It is therefore a virtuous circle system that has been set up in the region.

The role of the Valais Film Commission

The Valais Film Commission supports “Sauvages” in several ways. Firstly, with logistical support (help with accommodation, partners and service providers), then with administrative support (request for authorizations, links with local and cantonal institutions). Finally, with financial support. Indeed, a request for reimbursement of expenses (cash rebate) was submitted by the production company responsible to the Valais Film Commission. As a reminder, the VFC is the first commission in Switzerland to offer a cantonal financial support system based on the cash rebate system.


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